In Memory of Catherine Yang

The memorial service

was at 10am on Wednesday, 12/28/2005, at the Alameda Family funeral home by the train tracks on Saratoga-Sunnyvale. The Buddhist ceremony began at 8:45am before the general service. The burial was conducted at Madronia Cemetery in downtown Saratoga, followed by a reception at Catherine's house, where friends shared many happy memories of Catherine. In lieu of flowers, the family directed donations toward a memorial fund that has been established at Saratoga High.

If you would like to view the slideshow, please click here (30MB, Windows Media Video file). If you would like to view the text of the program, visit the Biography.

Memorial service, Wed 12/28
Alameda Family Saratoga-Cupertino Funeral Home
12341 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd., Saratoga, CA 95070 (View Map)

8:45am Buddhist Service
Offerings, prayers, and recitation
Remembering Catherine
10:00 Memories
Songs and Words from Friends
Video & Slideshow (30MB, .WMV)
10:40 Catherine's Life
Her Final Moments
11:00 Prayers and Concluding Words
Christian Prayer
Buddhist Dedication
11:10 Concluding Words from Family

Madronia Cemetery
14766 Oak Street, Saratoga, CA 95070 (View Map)

11:30 Burial & Farewell